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There are tons of opportunities for Motley Fool investors looking for value today. But if you want high returns from your investments in the short term, I’m going to focus on four particular value stocks.

These value stocks in particular have another key element: security. Each is in a strong industry with a stable business model. But they are also, of course, cheap! Let’s start.

TD Action Let’s start with something simple and look Toronto-Dominion Bank (TSX: TSX:)(NYSE: TD). TD stock is probably the best of the big six banks for those looking for value stocks with growth and dividends. TD shares are yielding 3.74% at the time of writing and are most certainly trading low at 11.78 times earnings.

As a Big Six bank, it already enjoys protection against economic downturns. But more than that, TD’s stock is expanding. The company is already a top six bank in the United States, but is now expanding online. His loan repayment plans, but he ranks high, and his credit card partnerships are proving incredibly lucrative.

Shares of TD are up 14.5% over the past year, but are down 13% from all-time highs, giving it a solid place to jump on value stocks like this.

NorthWest Stock NorthWest Healthcare Property Units REIT (TSX:NWH.UN) is another solid and stable company to buy among value stocks. It is invested in healthcare properties around the world, continuing to deliver record results for investors.

Motley Fool investors may have bought it for the dividends as it has a yield of 5.75% at the time of writing. But they now stick around for returns, especially when trading at 7.02 times earnings and his portfolio continues to expand.

NorthWest was up 5% last year but down 3.5% from all-time highs, providing a good place to start.

Kinaxis (TSX:) The tech sector is certainly volatile right now, and Kinaxis (TSX: KXS) has not been ruled out. But this company’s diverse portfolio puts it ahead of the rest. Kinaxis stock offers investors a solution to the supply chain demands placed on businesses today. This makes it one of the value stocks to consider in more ways than one.

At present, analysts still believe it is one of the value stocks that could nearly double next year. Stocks are down 10% in the past year after hitting all-time highs. However, those highs seem to be in the future of the company, so I wouldn’t overlook that strong tech stock.

Ballard Power Finally, another company offering a solution for the future is Ballard Power Systems (TSX: TSX:)(NASDAQ: BLDP). The company offers fuel cell power for all types of vehicles except personal cars. So whether it’s marine equipment, subways or trains, moving to a clean energy future means moving to a company like Ballard.

The shares are a fraction of what they should be, trading at 2.27 times their book value. The shares are down 54% over the past year, with analysts expecting the stock to double again. It is therefore a sound choice for long-term investors who want insane returns in the years to come, as we move towards a clean energy future.

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