AFS Logistics introduces new integrated technology platform to improve service


SHREVEPORT, La. (July 28, 2022) – AFS Logistics (, a non-asset-based, non-asset-biased 3PL, today announced the new industry-leading AFSmart technology suite. The platform is an integrated set of intuitive, cloud-native tools designed to help customers and carriers make faster, more informed decisions, automate processes, and more effectively manage logistics operations across multiple modes. transportation.

Integrated platform tools include:

• AFSmartAudit: Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) processing that ensures shippers only pay what they have to pay, with a complete view of freight spend across modes to discover and resolve overpayments , billing errors and discrepancies, while identifying new opportunities to streamline processes

• AFSmartTMS – transportation management system that allows users to stop wasting time searching for critical information and instead rely on an intuitive state-of-the-art portal that fully integrates with ERP systems to manage day-to-day freight tasks in one place, from creating quotes and bills of lading to confirming shipment information

• AFSmartTrack – complete shipment visibility that provides real-time updates and analytics for all inbound and outbound freight to give users the most informed perspective for critical logistics decisions

• AFSmartClaim – automates the creation, tracking, and management of Overage, Shortage, and Damage (OS&D) claims for faster, easier resolutions and access to additional LTL coverage

• AFSmartAnalytics – provides a wide range of critical metrics through standard or custom reports, including high-level aggregated datasets and transactional metrics to track lanes, carriers, accessories, spend, service levels and Moreover

“Today’s logistics professionals face fluid and exceptionally complex challenges, ranging from frequent logistics disruptions to complicated pricing models and contract language,” said Tom Nightingale, CEO of AFS Logistics. “The AFSmart Technology Suite is a significant investment that helps shippers and carriers by clearly presenting the latest and most accurate information to enable data-driven decision-making and easier management of the processes that power shipping logistics. ‘a company.”

The AFSmart technology suite offers a look and feel similar to many popular consumer apps, with responsive and interactive controls, crisp, clear visuals, and intuitive navigation and search functions for instant access to relevant data. AFS is actively onboarding existing and new customers to the platform.

“We are particularly excited about the introduction of AFSmartAudit as it represents a critical new platform to AFS’ core system and further enhances our freight audit and payment offering,” said Nathan Johnson, CIO, AFS Logistics. . “The new interface provides automated functionality and complete visibility into a wealth of critical FAP data – including billing, shipping and invoicing details – to help users efficiently and accurately manage freight, and make faster, more informed decisions using the cutting-edge technology stack in our space.”

With AFSmartAudit, users can quickly and accurately track billing claims and resolve discrepancies and overcharges. The dashboard can be easily configured, without heavy and expensive coding, to adapt to organization-specific business rules. Users can receive automated notifications of any issues or rule exceptions to help them improve customer service planning and response.

To learn more about AFSmartAudit and the rest of the AFSmart technology suite, visit or contact [email protected]

About AFS Logistics

AFS Logistics helps more than 1,800 companies in over 35 countries achieve sustainable cost savings and operational improvements, while transforming their logistics operations into competitive, customer-centric differentiators. As a non-asset-based, non-asset-biased 3PL, AFS provides a range of logistics services, including freight and parcel auditing, parcel cost management, LTL cost management, and transportation, which includes freight brokerage and freight forwarding. Founded in 1982 and employing a team of more than 380 logistics teammates at eight major locations in the United States and Canada, AFS is a regular on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies and has been named to the Top 100 3PL 2022 by a respected logistics publication. . To find out more, visit


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