DOMA releases statement on weapons discovery


The Downtown Merchants Association (DOMA) says the discovery of a cache of lethal weapons for the second time in a warehouse in central Trinidad is an indication of “something specifically happening there”.

In a press release issued today, DOMA said the discovery of nineteen assault rifles and assorted 9mm handguns should not pass without careful scrutiny and determined investigation:

“The fact that this is the second time this type of deadly cargo has arrived in the same bonded warehouse must be an indication of something specifically going on there. One has to instinctively ask the question; ‘Yesterday’s discovery Is she the only arms shipment passing through this same warehouse since an identical shipment last year?.

The statement says it remains to be seen if the “oft-made promises” about securing our borders will lead to a ban and arrest over the discovery:

“It is, in our view, important to state that a bonded warehouse is, under the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, a point of entry and that yesterday’s incident is in fact a violation of the ‘one of our borders.’

DOMA said they believe the discovery should be “an urgent priority for multiple state agencies that should begin by asking how this might happen in our country.”

DOMA also asked how the shipment was allowed to pass through the facility:

“Freight shipments from overseas require stringent declarations; Documentation, verifiable identification; Description of contents and a bill of lading showing weights and dimensions. Surely the excessive weight of this barrel must have been a clue that something was wrong? »

DOMA however applauded the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for “eliminating this last threat among us, but we wish to add that it will not be an effective protection of our citizens until and unless the exporters and the local recipients of these weapons are arrested and brought to justice.”


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