Enigio now offers FIATA members a trace:original solution for eBL


Enigio AB signed an agreement on October 31, 2022 with the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) to add its trace:original to solutions supporting the Electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) standard.

Enigio’s Trace:original is a digital solution capable of replacing all paper documents in commerce.

It serves not only eBLs but also other business documents such as letters of credit (LC), bills of exchange, certificates, packing lists, invoices, etc.

trace:original provides a flexible and interoperable solution where documents can be viewed or transferred to any part of the supply chain. It is important to note that the recipient does not have to be a member of the solution or of a specific platform.

With trace:original eBL, there will be minimal operational costs with some environmental, social and governance (ESG) benefits.

The risk of possible fraud is reduced and the risk of carriers delivering goods without presenting the original Bill of Lading (BL) will be mitigated.

The main objective of the eBL is to provide FIATA members with the ability to issue eBLs through their day-to-day tools, Transport Management System (TMS) or equivalent, including electronic document transfer platforms.

The eBL open standard is accessible to all software and technology providers.

FIATA’s solution also includes a document verification system that aims to guarantee the authenticity, identification and traceability of electronic documents issued by freight forwarders.

All stakeholders are able to verify the validity of a document, the identity of its issuer and the integrity of its content.

In addition to this, trace:original will also leverage the eBL standard with the capabilities of tradability, free transferability to anyone, and proof of possession while maintaining data confidentiality.

Dr Stéphane Graber, Director General of FIATA, said: “[This collaboration] offers the ability to digitally transfer the eBL, securely tracking ownership and approval of the document.

“Enigio makes the digital transfer of original documents even more accessible because it offers this possibility also when the recipient(s) of the document are not registered members of Enigio.”

Ulf Eggefors, Head of Sales, Transport and Logistics at Enigio, said: “Freight forwarders are important business partners, which makes this agreement a cornerstone for development.


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