Expedited Freight Leader Direct Expedite LLC Announces 15,000 Fare Quotes Processed Through Its Patent Pending Platform


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Milestone Marks Undisputed Leadership in Fast Track Freight Process Automation

At Direct Expedite, we believe that for a shipment to be truly SPEED, the entire process must be SPEED”

-Dale Prax

HARRIMAN, TENNESSEE, USA, June 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Direct Expedite, LLC, is a provider of expedited ground freight arrangement services and a pioneer in innovation, automation and Implementation.

Today, the company announced that its patent-pending “Automated Ground Expedited Freight Quotation System (with multiple options based on transit time and vehicle size)” has received, processed and delivered more than 15 000 rate searches in the 14 months since its official release. in mid-April 2021.
This milestone makes Direct Expedite, LLC the undisputed leader in the automated expedited freight rate quoting space and provides absolute confidence to 3PLs, brokers and freight forwarders that Direct Expedite’s platform provides the most fast and the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date in the industry.

Direct Expedite disrupts expedited freight processes and is the first and only Ground Expedite freight broker with an automated digital quoting platform of this caliber. Its customers now benefit from a single source to manage all pricing and booking complexities for expedited ground freight movements.

With accurate and timely quotes derived from multiple data points such as current vehicle capacity, available shipments, historical values, current fuel costs and required transit times, Direct Expedite users have a way to quote their client with confidence and more than 100 times faster than manual quotes (from around 6 minutes to as little as SIX seconds).

The quote and booking platform is available to registered customers of Direct Expedite through its website www.DirectExpedite.com and on its Direct Expedite mobile application (available on Google Play and the App Store).

If the customer prefers to request a Ground Expedite Rate quote via email, Direct Expedite has a solution here as well. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a registered customer can submit a quote request via email (with only the origin and destination postcodes and any accessories such as tailgate, appointment delivery, etc.) to our auction robot. “DEXi”, our quote bot will read the email, query the quote system and respond to the customer via email with rate quotes in as little as 1 minute and 26 seconds.

The email response will include a link for the user to attach a copy of their bill of lading or rate confirmation and via RPA their shipment will be immediately booked.

In the time it takes Direct Expedite’s competitors to respond to a customer with a quote, the company says they can have the shipment booked, assigned the carrier, and dispatched a driver for pickup.

Instant quotes are backed by Direct Expedite’s capacity guarantee. Direct Expedite will guarantee capacity during normal business hours. For shipments within major metropolitan areas, Direct Expedite will provide pickup within 4 hours and for areas beyond major metropolitan areas, the truck will arrive within 6 hours of shipment. In the quote system, users will also see up-to-the-minute availability details of Sprinters or Straight Trucks near the shipper’s location.

“With over 10,000 successful rate searches, our customers know they are getting a complete view of available equipment and clear visibility into accurate door-to-door rates,” Prax explained.

Dependent on some of the world’s largest freight forwarders, Direct Expedite is a single source to handle all quoting, booking and tracking complexities and is the only supplier that offers door to door quotes, exclusive use Sprinter, Small Straight Truck and Large Straight Truck in as little as six seconds (with guaranteed capacity).

Potential customers can try the system risk-free at www.DirectExpedite.com/demo. In the demo, users can enter the origin and destination postcodes, then they can enter any ancillary requirements and press the “get my rates” button. The user will then enter their email address. Within seconds, a quote will appear on screen and a confirmation email will arrive in their inbox.

With the comprehensive and widely used platform, Direct Expedite team members can work faster and more efficiently, and customers can be the FIRST to contact their shippers or manufacturers to offer accurate rates with more details that maintain transparent and cost-effective pricing.

About Direct Expedite

Founded in 2019 by four seasoned industry veterans, Direct Expedite aims to revolutionize expedited ground freight transportation processes to provide best-in-class deliveries for urgent, just-in-time, and deferred freight in Sprinter vans at exclusive use, small straight trucks and large straight trucks with team and solo drivers.

Our dedicated and talented dispatch coordinators will take care of your urgent or just-in-time deliveries from start to finish, meeting the tightest delivery windows.

We will use our years of experience, innovation and breakthrough technology to make it happen. At Direct Expedite, we believe that for a shipment to be truly SPEED, the entire process must be SPEED. www.DirectExpedite.com

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Direct Expedite LLC
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