Global standard facilities being upgraded, 347 megaprojects completed


Srinagar, April 12: Giving a huge boost to the overall sports ecosystem across Jammu and Kashmir, the UT dispensation has completed 347 prestigious sports infrastructure projects out of a total of 1080 taken up under different schemes.

These projects would encourage sports participation among young people who have immense sporting potential with many UT players representing the country in different games nationally and internationally.

J&K, over the past few years, has witnessed the implementation of a multitude of ground-breaking athletic development programs giving a much-needed boost to the industry. UT is also equipped with all required sports facilities and latest technologically advanced utilities like other states in India. Recently, J&K sportsmen have brought accolades to UT by achieving outstanding performances in various national and international tournaments.

According to official figures, J&K’s medal count at national level competitions in 2020-21 across 14 disciplines was 72 gold, 90 silver and 145 bronze.

Recognizing this sporting potential of UT, the Prime Minister sanctioned Rs 200 cr under the Prime Minister’s Development Program for upgrading sports infrastructure and encouraging budding talent in the field. The package, which aimed to strengthen sports infrastructure, training facilities and provide professional coaches, revolutionized the sports sector of J&K.

“Indoor sports complexes have been built in each district to harness the sporting talents of all, especially rural youth. Playing fields have been identified in 3525 panchayats to promote sports activities at the local level in addition to providing floodlighting and synthetic turf in the stadiums. J&K Govt has also established international standard facilities in Jammu and Srinagar regions,” said an official from the Department of Youth Services and Sports. For the promotion of sports at the village level, each panchayat received sports kits upon returning to village-3 as required, he added.

Through the combination of world-class facilities, coaches and continuous supervision, Jammu and Kashmir has created an environment conducive to empowerment, leadership and self-esteem among young people. Constant mentoring and monitoring is provided to the athletes and the coaches are given all the resources to train the athletes, an official said.

“World-class sports facilities are being put in place, expert coaches and performance-oriented staff have been deployed to sports training centres. More than 17 lakh youths have participated in different sports activities while 1.26 lakh youths have been coached so far,” the official informed.

The J&K Administration headed by Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, is dedicated to developing the overall sports atmosphere in the Union Territory. Particular emphasis is placed on providing UT sportspeople with all necessary facilities through a comprehensive sports mechanism in place.

The Lt. Governor, speaking to sportsmen, officials of the first-ever national archery championship at MA Stadium, said resources are being expanded to completely transform UT’s sports ecosystem . He asked officials to step up efforts to speedily complete more than 300 sports infrastructure projects being implemented in the 20 districts.

“This year, 221 state-of-the-art playgrounds will be built in the 20 districts, in addition to the construction and upgrading of 157 sports courts. A multipurpose indoor sports hall with world-class facilities will be constructed in almost every district by the end of this fiscal year,” he said.

In a revolutionary move to infuse sports culture and achieve excellence in the field, the government of Jammu and Kashmir is setting up a Khel Gaon’ at Nagrota near Jammu.

The last few months have been a golden period for J&K with players like Arif, Bavleen, Shreya, Sadia, Danish medals for UT.

Relevantly, the very first sports policy was notified and adopted for the promotion of sport in the territory of the Union. In addition to monetary incentives, he envisages the creation of government jobs for athletes who obtain medals in national and international competitions. The policy document emphasizes the creation of a dynamic and incentive sports ecosystem through strategic interventions for sport in the territory of the Union. The basic canons of the policy are to ‘Spot’, ‘Engage’, ‘Facilitate’ and ‘Recognize’.

The sports policy reflects the concern and concern of the current dispensation, led by LG, Manoj Sinha, to encourage sport at both rural and urban levels while ensuring the commitment of all.

The effort is to help the players of Jammu and Kashmir gain wide sporting experience throughout the year, in addition to extending opportunities for adequate exposure to youngsters outside the union territory.


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