Launch of an innovative AI/ML-based mobile product sizing solution


Advanced Solutions Unveils AdvancedDIM to Improve Logistics Data Accuracy.

CHICAGO, October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Solutions, developers of AdvancedDock (the Yard/Dock orchestration platform) have announced the launch of their innovative mobile solution AdvancedDIM. The mobile solution allows customers to quickly identify, count and size products on the dock. AdvancedDIM uses 3D vision, highly skilled AI/machine learning models, and smart OCR to dimension, identify handling units, verify data, and automatically update master data or shipment data.

“AdvancedDIM™ enables personnel handling the actual product to perform basic product updates, quickly and without error. In a common workflow, a receiver is prompted to update the dimensions of a product when first received, the receiver uses AdvancedDIM to quickly scan the carton in 3D, our software uses AI-based imaging models to size and/or count the product, allowing immediate master data updates reviews quickly and effortlessly,” said the general manager. Philippe Avelar.

Accurate sizing is essential to support optimal processes such as directed put-away, effort-based picking, order packing, load building, and accurate shipping cost calculations. Now, we make it easy to capture and ensure the accuracy of that data. One of the advantages of our “No SaaS data silos“The vision is that our solution is fully integrated with our client’s ERP system. This means that our solution creates and enhances the data that our clients have already collected and widely use in day-to-day processes across all areas of the business, and not our data in our cloud servers.

At launch, AdvancedDIM will initially be available as a new feature within the AdvancedDock platform, but will also be available within the Advanced Solutions product line and will eventually be available as a standalone solution. With no additional hardware other than an Apple IOS tablet, AdvancedDIM helps customers support long-term mobile solutions to overcome data gaps by incorporating them into standard workflows.

AdvancedDIM is the latest innovation in Advanced Solutions’ Yard and Dock orchestration platform.

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Advanced Solutions, founded in 1999, specializes in supply chain orchestration solutions. In 2015, it launched the logistics industry’s first complete electronic waybill (eBOL) solution, AdvancedBOL for SAP. The company’s flagship products, AdvancedDock for SAP, a next-generation Yard and Dock orchestration platform, and CommandView for SAP leverage the company’s extensive AI/ML capabilities to bring intelligent automation capabilities to the Supply Chain.

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